Havas Media Group Partners With Funnel to Remove Data Bottlenecks & Automate Client Reporting Worldwide

Leading global media agency rolls out Funnel to optimize digital marketing measurement and improve the client reporting process across its global network
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NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 14, 2020— Havas Media Group today announced that it partnered with leading data automation company Funnel to remove marketing data silos and create a uniform reporting process for a growing list of their clients. The partnership furthers Havas Media Group’s commitment to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses, and people.

With increased focus on scalability and transparency on a global level, Havas Media Group found a technology partner that will be able to support the diverse needs of all of their markets, as well as, allow them to create a streamlined process at a network level. Funnel, through its ability to easily generate Business-Ready Data, will fuel Havas Media Group’s global operating system, Mx System.

Havas agencies in France, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain, to name a few, have adopted the new network solution.

Havas Media Group aims to understand the most “Meaningful Media”—the media channels, moments, and brands that really move consumers to action. Media that is trusted, engaging, and influential has the best chance of helping brands reach an engaged audience. The global business invests in Meaningful Media to deliver great Meaningful Experiences, which sits at the heart of everything it does. Havas Media makes great Media Experiences, by capitalizing on the most Meaningful Media, to build more Meaningful Brands.

“We looked at many other solutions and tools on the market, but none of them came close to the service Funnel provided. The implementation has been extremely straightforward and the offices that have already adopted Funnel were able to complete the migration process much faster than we could have imagined. The flexibility, the level of support, and the quality of the partnership, in general, is extremely high and we look forward to a long and exciting relationship with Funnel,” said Pierre Raoul, ‎EVP, Global Head of Data Marketing, Havas Media Group.

“We’re excited to see digital agencies like Havas Media changing the industry standard by becoming more transparent and data-driven. Modern media buyers now have a much better understanding of the digital marketing landscape, which has, in turn, increased the demand placed on agencies,” said Fredrik Skantze, CEO, Funnel.

Havas Media plans to continue the roll-out of Funnel to automate their client reporting process worldwide.


About Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group (HMG) is the media experience agency. HMG delivers this brand promise through the Mx system, where meaningful media helps build more meaningful brands. HMG is part of the Havas Group, owned by Vivendi, one of the world’s largest integrated content, media and communications groups. HMG also consists of two global media networks: Havas Media and Arena Media. The media experience agencies are home to more than 10,000 specialists across 150 countries worldwide, with 62 Villages. Global clients include Hyundai Kia, Puma, TripAdvisor, Michelin, Telefónica, Swarovski, Reckitt Benckiser, among many others.

For more information, visit the website or follow Havas Media Group on Twitter @HavasMedia, LinkedIn @Havas Media Group, Facebook @HavasMedia or Instagram @havas.


About Funnel

Funnel is the essential foundation for digital marketing, automating the generation of Business-Ready Data to empower marketers and to give them certainty about what’s really driving the business.

With its contextual data model, Funnel takes messy, siloed data from all sources to automatically generate Business-Ready data which is fully harmonized, up-to-date and always ready to act upon. Funnel doesn’t require any coding or manual maintenance, giving marketers point-and-click control to continuously experiment with new data sources, business logic and tactics without ever breaking the data model.

For the first time, marketers can operate at speed without waiting on IT or business analysts to access the data they need. Technical teams are now freed from tedious data collection and manipulation tasks to focus on higher-value activities.

Learn more at www.funnel.io

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