Havas Media Group Partners with Adelaide to Drive Clarity of Attention – and Meaningful Growth

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Havas Media Group announces today that it has partnered with Adelaide to deliver enhanced attention metrics for its global client roster.

“In an increasingly fractured media and advertising ecosystem, Havas Media Group champions Meaningful Media: the stuff people actually enjoy and seek out,” said Greg James, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Media Group. “This media garners the most attention in a way that resonates and consequently serves as the optimal place to communicate a brand message, constructing better Media Experience (Mx). In partnership with Adelaide, we can more effectively deliver against what we call the 3Cs – Connection, Context, and Content – amidst this attention economy.”

Adelaide’s model quantifies various contexts, bringing data-driven insights around the quality of media that allows Havas Media Group to experiment with content and connection. It measures the likelihood of attention with AU, a media placement quality score shown to predict business outcomes. AU aggregates a multitude of factors that contribute to attention, such as placement size and surrounding page geometry.

Optimizing media spend towards placements with higher potential for attention, rather than to traditional metrics like viewability, has helped Havas Media Group create better Media Experiences for its clients and drive more powerful brand and business outcomes. One U.S. financial services brand has already seen better business outcomes from this approach. Tapping into the innovative technology made available through this partnership, placements with higher Adelaide ratings for attention potential performed up to 3.9x better than those with the lowest ratings.

“Attention metrics provide a clear picture of the value of different placements, helping to drive better performance by optimizing away from environments that provide less opportunity for attention to more meaningful environments for audience,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO at Adelaide. “Havas Media Group understands the value of these insights, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our partnership with the agency continues to drive results for its clients.”

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